Feeding Uptown: A Dyckman Farmhouse Museum Podcast

The culture of Uptown Manhattan has been formed by generations of residents who have called Uptown their home.

Feeding Uptown is a Dyckman Farmhouse Museum podcast that spotlights the people and groups who dedicate their lives to contributing to the rich culture of Uptown. Throughout this series, we will talk to those who “feed” Uptown through activism, art, community organizing, and more. Find both seasons of Feeding Uptown on all major podcast platforms.

Season 1

S1E1: Feeding Uptown at the Historic Farmhouse

For our first episode, we took a dive into what feeding uptown looks like here at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum. We speak to four staff members at the museum to learn about how their work betters the Uptown community, from exploring the history of enslavement at the historic site to bringing gardening into the homes of community members.

S1E2: Feeding Uptown at Inwood Artworks (w/ Aaron Simms)

With Broadway theaters and concert halls, most people associate the arts with lower Manhattan. In this episode, we speak with Aaron Simms, founder of Inwood Art Works. Aaron shares how Inwood Art Works fosters creativity and artistic expression Uptown by making film, art, and theater more accessible in Inwood.

S1E3: Feeding Uptown through Food Education (w/ Alexis Agliano Sanborn)

In this episode, we chat with food educator, filmmaker, and artist Alexis Agliano Sanborn. Alexis talks about her experience with Japanese food culture and education and how she uses her food and gardening knowledge to better the Uptown community.

Season 2

S2E1: Feeding Uptown through Local History (w/ Don Rice)

Happy Season 2! For our first episode back, we’ll be introducing our theme for our second season: food and the land. Join local historian Don Rice for a tour through Inwood’s history, from the mastodons that roamed the lands of Inwood to Uptown-made loaves of bread presented at the World’s Fair.

S2E2: Feeding Uptown through Food Equity Activism (w/ Ora Kemp)

How much are eggs this week? Listen in on a conversation with food equity advocate Ora Kemp about food insecurity, capitalism, and chicken coops. Ora shares how we all can make a difference in battling oppressive food distribution systems in the U.S.

S2E3: Feeding Uptown through Inwood-Inspired Beer (w/ Juan Camilo)

For our final episode of Season 2, we’re talking about beer! Juan Camilo is the founder of Dyckman Beer, an Uptown-inspired brewery bringing the flavors of Dominican and Latino cuisine to the world of craft beer. Learn about how Juan started the brewery and about the process of brewing specialty beers with ingredients like passionfruit and Café Bustelo!