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In partnership with Open House New York, join us for a virtual tour of our Hessian Hut and uncover rarely seen collections items! Saturday, October 17th —at 10:00 am. | www.ohny.com


In partnership with New York State Path Through History Weekend, join us for a virtual tour of our Winter kitchen and discover the importance of apples in Manhattan history! Saturday, October 10th —at 10:00 am. | www.iloveny.com

New York State Path Through History
Virtual Farmhouse Table – For the NYS Path Through History, Dyckman Farmhouse Museum Director of Education, Fabiola Cáceres, takes us on a journey through history and shares some farm fresh plant based recipes that will wow your friends and family.
June 28th through July 4th


Courtesy of the New York Landmarks Conservancy:

Courtesy of Curbed New York:


Lost Inwood: Dyckman Farmhouse Artist Views 1819-2019

A history of the Dyckman Farmhouse in northern Manhattan, NYC. Told through a selection of drawings, paintings and prints created by artists of the landmark. Courtesy of Inwood Art Works:

Virtual Talk: Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

DFM Executive Director Meredith Horsford discusses DyckmanDISCOVERED, our initiative for an inclusive historical narrative by researching the histories of the enslaved people who lived and worked on the Dyckman property.

2019 DyckmanDISCOVERED Community Conversation at Inwood Library:

Learn more about DyckmanDISCOVERED!

History of Cacao

Head to our History of Cacao page to discover how the cacao bean came from South America to New York City!

A Brief History of Inwood by Don Rice

A brief history of Inwood, Manhattan from the end of the ice ages to the present. The story includes: end of the ice ages, the Lenape culture, New Amsterdam, early uptown settlers, an uptown burial ground for the enslaved, the American Revolution in Inwood, the establishment of the Hamilton Free School at Broadway near 189th Street, early “commuters” and their lavish homes atop Inwood Hill, late 19th century institutions for tuberculosis patients, drug addicts and fallen women, arrival of the subway and the neighborhood’s transformation from rural to urban, the Dyckman Oval sports stadium, immigration, and the hopes and concerns of the diverse population.

Lost Inwood Panoramas. 1906 Inwood Valley

Take a quick break with Don Rice and learn some interesting Inwood history through the examination of this 1906 panoramic photo of the Dyckman Valley by Edward Wenzel.

Lost Inwood Panoramas. Seaman Drake Arch Vista ca.1903

In this video we take a close look at a historic panoramic photo taken about 1903 of the Inwood or Dyckman section of north Manhattan in New York City. Taken before the subway reached the neighborhood, the photo has such detail that we can zoom in on various sections and fly over the terrain.

Check out Don Rice’s latest Lost Inwood Panoramas: Tubby Hook’s Boathouse Row

Using vintage panoramic and aerial photographs we tell the story of the boathouses and canoe clubs which used to exist along the Hudson River shore at Tubby Hook, just below Dyckman Street in NYC. Starting as a fisherman’s camp, in the 1830s early residents built a wharf at the site. In the 1900s as many as six recreational and competitive boating clubs lined the shoreline there, as well as a car ferry to New Jersey. Eventually fires destroyed several of the clubs. Today only one remains.


Food for Thought! Alexis hosts a virtual cooking class in the “Nourishing Japan Kitchen”.

Alexis Agliano Sanborn is a cook, podcast host, film maker, writer, researcher, and illustrator living in Washington Heights, Manhattan. She has studied Japan for over two decades, and is passionate about culinary exchange and food education. Learn more about her at alexisaglianosanborn.com
Follow on Instagram: @nourishingjapan @nourishingjapankitchen


Check out these videos with DFM Science Intern, Kaitlyn Miller!

Elephant Toothpaste

Lip Balm

Ice Cream


Download our DFM coloring pages:

Luna Coloring Page and Word Search!

Sampler Coloring Page

Luna Activity Book

Check out our Germination Experiment!

Nature Photography Stop Motion


Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion or change when the series of frames is played back.


(We used a free account with Kapwing, though there is other video-editing software available.)

To make a stop motion video, set up the scene you want to animate in from of a camera in a stable position. Then, make small changes to the scene and snap photos of every new frame.

Once you have all of the images you want to combine into a video, find the Montage Maker on the Kapwing homepage and click “Get Started.” Upload all of the images, choose your options, and click “Create” to stitch the images together into a continuous stop motion video. You can also watch this YouTube tutorial on how to use the tool.


While we adhere to Coronavirus regulations, we continue to postpone many of our in-person programming, such as our once a month Bilingual Storytime. We have gathered these great resources below until we can start again in partnership with the NYPL Inwood Branch.

Here’s Viri from the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers reading a story from Shaun Tan’s book, “Tales From Outer Suburbia.” (English and Spanish videos below!)

Faith Ringgold Reads Her 1991 Children’s Book Tar Beach

Here are some more great resources for Storytime!

Storyline Online


Authors, illustrators, celebs, and childhood educators on Twitter: Romper #OperationStorytime

Celebs supporting Save The Children and No Kid Hungry with #SaveWithStories on Instagram

For more online literacy resources, check out Growing Book by Book


You can enjoy NYC parks from home!

While you’re socially distancing and/or staying home, join us in the parks — online. Join us for live park tours, meditation, fitness, art classes, fun activities for kids, and more!



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COVID-19 Resources

Join Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer in a virtual discussion on resources and best practices on remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.