Germination Experiment

Happy Spring! While we currently aren’t offering any programs during our social distancing to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, there are still fun activities to do at home at any age! Check out our social media and website for activities!


A fun way to pass the time is to see how fast seeds grow and what the growing process would look like underground. Check your progress each day and record the findings. Be sure to share on Instagram and tag us @dyckmanfarmhouse!

Here are the items you need:

-Seeds or beans

-Jars (or ziploc bags)

-Paper towels


1. Label jars with each seed/bean type

2. Gently wet paper towels and place into jars.

3. Place seeds around the sides between the paper towel and the jar so they are firmly in place and can be seen.

4. Record your findings! Draw progression pictures. Which seeds/beans grew fast? Which grew slow?

5. Don’t forget to share with @dyckmanfarmhouse on Instagram!