Uptown Magic

Cinzia Meneghello: Uptown Magic transforms Inwood into a fairytale. It depicts a luminous, fantasy realm full of whimsical creatures, enchanted forests, and symbolic thresholds. Many of the works in the exhibition were inspired by the natural and cultural richness of Northern Manhattan – from its majestic parks and beautiful wildlife to the Met Cloisters’ and Dyckman Farmhouse Museum’s unique collections. Viewers are invited to see themselves as heroines and magicians, fairies and angels, or simply as curious beings enthralled by the potential and magic within themselves, their community, and the places they inhabit.

Cinzia Meneghello is a painter, designer, and curator originally from Italy. Her medium is project specific, from carved textured grounds to soft pastels, watercolors, gouaches, inks, oils, graphite, and more. Her art explores the connection between spirituality and art, psychology and the collective unconscious, prayer and the creative process. It often incorporates themes associated with fairytales and myths. Her inspiration comes from prolonged sessions of prayer and meditation as well as from the sights and sounds she encounters in her daily walks in nature and throughout the city.

When she is not painting, you can often spot her visiting local bodega cats, looking for owls, hawks and groundhogs in the parks, creating playful digital illustrations, or collaborating as a web and graphic designer with organizations around the city and beyond.

Learn more about Cinzia’s work here.