Visitor Tips & Museum Policies

Helpful Hints

* If you are taking the A train, don’t get off at the Dyckman/200th Street stop, although that would seem to make sense!  Get off at the 207th Street station, follow the signs to 207th Street and the farmhouse will just be at the end of the block.

* The farmhouse has narrow passages and low ceilings.  There are numerous stairs both inside the farmhouse and outside in the garden.  Need a better description? Listen to this description from New York Beyond Sight.

* Food and drink cannot be consumed inside the farmhouse.

* Please don’t make or receive calls while in the museum.

* Non-Flash, personal use photography is permissible inside the farmhouse (see further information below.)

* The farmhouse is tiny and does not have coat closets or a bag check.  Small bags may be left at the front desk as space permits.

* Pets are not allowed within the garden or in the farmhouse. However, helper animals are always welcome.

* Please understand that we must limit the number of people within the farmhouse at once.  When you arrive you may be asked to tour the garden first if there are too many visitors inside. Thank you for understanding!

Groups & Guided Tours

Because of the small size of the farmhouse we cannot accommodate groups larger than 10 during our normal public hours (Please check our hours on the Directions and Hours page) without prior arrangement.  Please contact us for more information.  If you are a group between 10 and 20 in number we will have some weekend options available for self-guided tours.

If you have a group of more than six people and would like to schedule a guided tour of the farmhouse please email or call for further information.

Strollers & Bikes

A bike rack is located just outside our garden at the corner of Broadway and 204th Street.  Please respect our garden and do not bring your bike up – the pathways are narrow and we do not have any space available to secure your bike.  The fences, trees and other property onsite are off limits – PLEASE do not chain your bikes to them.

Strollers are welcome on site but please understand that our pathways are narrow. Neither strollers or scooters are allowed inside the farmhouse.   The farmhouse is tiny and fragile.  Most visitors leave strollers on the front porch.

Photography & Film

Personal photos –  for private, noncommercial use are welcome in the farmhouse and on the grounds.  Inside we ask all visitors to keep their flash OFF.  Inside and out we ask that visitors be respectful of the farmhouse, the garden and other visitors.  So, no props please, no elaborate lighting setups, no tripods, no dangling from trees or climbing on roofs, no costume changes.

We hope you have fun and enjoy the creativity of the site.  However, the museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises if the policies and procedures are not being respected.

Professional Photos, Student Projects, Film Shoots  – Did any of the “no’s” in the above list sound like something you want to do?  Are you charging a client for photos?  Are you a student working on a film project?  PLEASE CONTACT US!  We love projects that appreciate our fabulous site but we must ensure the safety of our visitors and this important structure. Projects like this may not occur during our regular hours and arrangements must be made well in advance.